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There is this lady at work, she works for the client and i work for the contractor. She has a nigga friend who is my padi and he has been talking to me about her, after so much persuasion, i said fùck it and gave it a shot.

Really she was so receptive than i envisaged and since then we’ve been casually saying hi and stuff.

On Saturday i called her and asked about her weekend, she told me she wasnt doing anything, i suggested we meet on sunday(ytd). She said she wud call me wenever she’s back from church.

She called around 5pm, i dressed up, all my clothes were creased so bad so i had to borrow a niggas Tshirt, pocketed 2k cus i am cheap and i live cheap, so i cant spend more than 2k on a date.

I got to d venue, she was waiting already, she was putting on a gown revealing some cleavage which was a very nice sight but really unlike her as she always dress modest to work.
Long story short, i ordered for drinks, all was 1400 naira, which was within budget, d 100 naira change will be for my TP and i will give d maruwa guy 500 for her own TP to give her d remaining change. Everything was going according to plan, things were going fine , what a good time to be alive.

Suddenly she said she feels like chewing sth. I initially made as if i didnt hear what she said, she said it again and i interjected with “NOPE, CHEWING IS BAD FOR TEETH” She laffed and beckoned on the waiter to come over.

In shock i yelled wait wait, i brought out the whole of 1500, dropped it on the table and told her this all i have with me, already she knows there is 1400 payment to be made.

She didnt give a shìt, she called the guy, brought 2 plates of meat, i was just feeling awkward watching how the whole shìt wud play out. At last she brought out her purse, gave d guy some money, i picked the 1500, gave it to the waiter but he returned the money, said the money she gave him is complete.

Seriously i was ashamed of myself, i wanted to talk about it but i decided to let it slide so as not to overflogg the issue.

Later we were done and i saw her off, i gave d driver 500 for her TP. Some hrs later i saw 3missed calls from her, i texted her back and she responded with… see you tmao. While i dont know wht that means but i know she is gonna tell everybody at work about what happened, about how i am a stingy pig.

But i aint stingy, i just priotize things i spend money on.

Today i told my niggas what happened, i have only two niggas, but neither i nor any of them has heard about the parol from another source.

But then i am sure that if words get around, my reputation = Ruined

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