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I’m the faithful and loyal type due to my fear of infections. I started dating this girl since June last year she looked innocent not the runs type we dated for three months before we had sex the first time. I used condom a couple of times for one month before I ditched it believing she’s faithful too.

Fast forward to January I became suspicious of her when she picked a call in my presence and a male voice was talking to her when I inquired about the person she became all sweaty and nervous which rose my suspicion and denied that she doesn’t know the person she received several calls like that until I got fed up and stopped her from coming to my place.

A week later I developed a serious cough coupled with a sore throat a month later I developed rashes on both my upper arms and last month I experience vomiting in the mornings for three days.

I suspect she might have contracted HIV because she experienced similar symptoms too I’m too scared to go for a test is it too early to go for a test please I need your advice no insults.

Please What Should I Do?

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